Lingering Undercurrents

Suddenly, optimistically, I plow through spinning thoughts and clench the excitement permeating through my hot skin and jump down off the ledge of the front steps of my house down to where you stand next to the flowering gardenia bush. You draw near to show me a flower, and I inhale the blossom’s scent mixed […]

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My brain feels like a boiled egg. I could only sleep in about an hour. The sun has risen, but Hilo remains quiet and asleep. It’s a three day weekend, and the hard workers of the Big Island lay in their beds weighted by the consuming hours of  past labors. My stomach feels messy from […]

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A Prelude to Love

A passion enters through the naval winding through the intestines   the currents reverse pain collides with pleasure sadness erupts and joy penetrates   The sky sinks along a floating glimmer of light the heart enters with contours of aches streaming a million cranes escaping into emerged stars   constant whirling engaged in blending tightening […]

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