Troubles with Trump

My biggest criticism of Trump’s Campaign is, of course, the basis of a philosophical principle .


The premise of his campaign can be found nestled in the simple message of his campaign’s slogan: Make America Great Again. Trump speaks about the greatness of this country as something that lies in the past. He declares that we must bring back the greatness this country once was. This is a divisive tool of speech to instill in the minds of people fundamental conservatism: to devoid people a vision for a better tomorrow because accordingly: greatness lies in the shadows of our past.

We should never, ever dwell in such conviction. To do so it to seize living. To do so is to justify the horrors of our past we are trying so desperately to heal from. To do so is to eliminate the pursuit of greatness. To idolize that which came before, is to seep in Narcissist’s pool of reflection for eternity.

The future is always just beyond the horizon. Greatness always lingers in the unknown. It is beyond our own conviction. A great leader is not one who has all the answers. A great leader is one who is brave enough to admit they do not, yet stand strong in the face of the unknown.

When there are millions of Americans whose collective conscious are supporting a singular voice of certainty, then we are at risk of becoming estranged from the path of greatness.


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