To Vote or not to Vote, that is the question… I could care less about.

Folks, brace yourself for strong consequences, regardless of the presidential outcome. Be prepared for suffering and struggle to emerge even for the privileged. It is time. For too long have we hidden away in comfort. For too long have we ignored the tensions of this country’s past. For too long have we blocked the rivers of truth with dams of denial.
Great internal conflict will be released from the floodgates, and I for one welcome it, not out of joy, but out of long overdue sorrow.
 This country is already divided, not since what was felt leading up to the Civil war. The difference today is that the divide is virtual, not geographical. Your neighbor is living in a different reality than you, and you don’t even know your neighbor’s name. This divide has been slowly splitting open like an infested wound from past histories of violence. I do not feel it is my patriotic duty any longer to vote for one candidate or another, but rather it is my patriotic identity to envision a new nation of people determined to alter this path of destruction and revitalize an economy of well-being. This will take pain. This will take doubt in  your self because of the outlandish shaming criticism of conservative preservatives desperately grasping on to failed system. This will take suffering. This will take sacrifice. This will take confronting death.
I am an optimist. I believe that all that is happening is for greater reason than we can comprehend. I believe in hope. I believe in righteousness. But I believe that The Path, God, Darhma, Taoism, is only achieved through accepting that which is happening and unfolding before your very eyes. Your body is the best sensor of reality. Listen to the grief percolating through the boiling blood of your ancestor’s genes expressed in your present existence.
The world is in turmoil. And that’s okay. But the more we deny it, the less of a chance we have of making it through this stage of humanity. The more we accept it, the greater the odds we will pursue right course of action. Karma. Whoever you vote for, will have consequence, because both sides, sadly, represent a spectrum of living that fall similarly close in relationship to the expanse of perception: nihilism and narcissism. We all feel it. We all fall under that mode of existence. It is part of our national identity. Don’t deny it any longer. Accept it as part of your current self. Personify it so you can converse with it, build a relationship with it so that you may ultimately put it to rest and say, “thank you super-ego for your time with me, but unfortunately now that we’ve danced together I’m feeling a bit dizzy and distant from my true self and am quite ready to return to my soul and nature and all of that.”
An empire is falling, collapsing unto itself like a massive star that grew too big. It is natural. It is bound to happen, predicted by the prophets of those devout to the observations of the universe and the realms beyond. And through this threshold of chaos comes opportunity and order. We have much to look forward to. Although you and I may never live to see future balances in harmony once again…. our successors will. Our lives are never to be lived merely for ourselves anyhow, what would be the point of living if that were the case?
Time to sacrifice your own life for the betterment of tomorrow. Follow whatever way FEELS right. Let your true self guide your actions. Your nature – not the belligerent logos of a failing social system. If it falls, so be it, why support it any longer? What’s the responsibility in that? Let if crumble like the stale bread it is and decompose into new organic matter rich with infinite possibilities, no longer rigid and flaky.
Celebrate the fall of your society, and witness your imprisoned self fly free into the open sky. There is much to look forward to in the birth that comes after death.

2 thoughts on “To Vote or not to Vote, that is the question… I could care less about.

    1. Forwards, backwards, side to side, any direction is better than sitting in our own filth. The horizon and ‘that which lies beyond’ is all around us. We just have to move….


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