The Era of Hypocrisy and How to break free to the next Golden Era.

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  1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.
    Greek hupokrisis ‘acting of a theatrical part,’ from hupokrinesthai ‘play a part, pretend,

We’re all hypocrites. All of us. Even me.

Hypocrisy is a special kind of pretending. There is the pretending which is born from the art of theatre, in which a person is acting out a character other than their own, as was the original meaning of this word as it was used in Ancient Greece. Then there is the pretending which seems to have greatly evolved from such theatre. And that is the modern use of Hypocrisy.

Today, we participate in the Hypocrisy which more closely aligns with the concept self-manipulation. A hypocrite today is no longer a person acting out theatrical character. In other words the intent is not known, the intent is clouded in deceit. And more often than not, the intent is even hidden behind the curtains from the acting agent of the intent. The self-manipulation then evolved further into self-deceit.

Self Deceit.



And we are all living it. Self-deceit goes all the back to the Garden of Eden. It’s source of origin lies within the primordial soup of the conscious human mind as we awoke to our own awareness and found ourselves recording, for the first time, our very own existence. This time in human history, one that predates any historic accuracy, was an exciting and devastating transition for our species. It was a birth and a death all at once. It was a confrontation and awakening to the infinite source of Nirvana that many of our ancestors feared this spiritual actualization that they denied it’s full consequences. With the birth of our awakening, came all of humanity as we know it, and much of that history has been dominated by a sociological programming meant to prevent us from ever knowing it had occurred – thus severing the eternal bond between us and nature. We are all deceiving ourselves. We’ve done such a good job of it that we go along living out this belief based on deception, perpetuating a collective society’s conscious into oblivion, and we’re taking the rest of the precious planet with us.

The deception, or belief, or illusion, or dream, or maya – call it what you will – is this:

1) Everything in the past is gone, non-existent, dead.

2) All of the answers to our problems, discontent, diseases, depressions, anxieties, fears, conflict, and confusion, lie in the future. If we just keep pushing on through, and search for innovative new ways to adapt to a rapidly changing world with technologies and competitive markets, we’ll be okay.

Even Stephen Hawkings, one of the most respected international scientific figures said just the other day that this world, according to the numbers, is without a doubt doomed for disaster within the next 1,000 to 10,000 years.

1,000 years ago the first crusades began their wage across the globe, and the gospel of Christianity spread like a thick oil over all of humanity. Now it is found everywhere. Now we are extracting crude oil under the very same gospel: the gospel of hypocrisy.

You feel it. You know it’s there: this pit you can’t shake that sits in your gut waiting to be purged, but you swallow hard and curl up denying the pain you hold onto – the pain that has been passed down to you, inherited from generation to generation since the era of conscious awakening. That somehow you are not fully living, you never did. You were born and immediately after the trauma settled you began to feel the sensual persona of the universe all around you, but that feeling slowly diminished into a dark cellar. How disappointing.

I propose a single and simple solution to this life-long problem. Accept you are a hypocrite. Let that acceptance sink in. Stop fighting it. Then apologize for denying your own nature. And once you have finished apologizing, forgive yourself for playing out a false destiny. Once you have done that, and that could take some time, you will be ready to connect back to your nature, your truth, your destiny.

When we make a mistake, when others make a mistake, we must accept, apologize, and forgive, before we can ever move on. We have been playing out a tens of thousands of years of denial and anger. And we are going to have to accept it before it’s too late. Worry about yourself, and then help others. We can do this together, we can’t do it apart.

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