The Unconscious

The Unconscious: "Is all those parts of experience that remained inchoate and unarticulated, parts for which we never developed a full voice, for want of that receptive intersubjective field that is requisite, for the full development of the self. It is experience that is felt but cannot be shared, represented, articulated, echoed, symbolized, and thus […]

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Identity, Contact, and the Self

The self, our identity, can be lost more easily than we like to admit. If the self is known and realized through the cycle of full experiencing, then any interruption to this cycle causes a loss in identity. These interruptions can be found anywhere along the cycle of experience, and tend to occur in the […]

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We Are Our Felt Experiencing

Phenomenology "We are our felt experiencing.” ~ Gendlin Ecopsychology primarily deals in the realm of that osmotic membrane; the contact between the inner and the outer; The cycle in which exchange takes place. It is where dualism dissolves. It is the realm of experience in which we relax our boundaries just enough to let something […]

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The Bodily Ground of Experience

The Bodily Ground of Experience: "only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist… they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams." ~ John (Fire) Lame Deer How do we come to extract meaning from our world? This question begs to be asked […]

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A Path Towards Recovery

"To recover a sense of unity with all of life is to also recover from the trauma of having been so utterly divorced from it." ~ Andy Fisher, author of Radical Ecopsychology. – – We are born into this world and are told a story by our giving culture what we are and how we […]

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The Hero Awaits

Ecopsychology asks us to inquire into the realm of the unknown; as the Hero steps through into a world of uncertainty, danger, and risk. It asks of us to become whole by recognizing what we've lost, finding it, and returning. The Hero awaits. #radicalecopsychology #mythology #psyche #nature #jameshillman #carljung #freud #herosjourney #andyfisher #davidabram A post […]

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