The Difference Between Being Different and Being Divided. 

Ecopsychology Project

The Ecopsychological project “is simply to assert that our humanity is incomplete until we have established our kinship or social relations with the larger natural world and so satisfied our longing to feel at home in or at peace with the cosmos as a whole.” ~ Andy Fisher Radical Ecopsychology. Our relationship, as humans, with Nature is a differentiated relationship, rather than split. This understanding can be achieved by embodying an understanding not solely from a culturally mediated and historically changing world, but also by the greater world that’s claims us from both below and outside of human history: Nature itself. 

Ecopsychology then becomes a project in which, through this acceptance of our relational ties with nature, we discover how to maneuver our dialogue and communication into a direction that opens and returns us to a connection to the universe beyond the human realm. This process is ultimately the continuing progression of the human psychological development, rather than a halted closed-circuit development stuck in a perpetual isolated cycle of “domination over nature, escapism in the abstract, or existential funk.”

#wetooarenature #ecopsychology #communion #breakingthecycle #beyondculture #thecosmos #humannature

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