Death and Renewal Pt II: The Dance and Flight of the Albatross; Rituals of Transformation

Hōlanikū - A Return to Pō

Nesting on the island within Kure Atoll is two different species of Albatross. These two species look different and behave differently, but it doesn’t take a bird expert to tell they share a common ancestor.  All Laysan Albatross learn the same dance moves of bobbing their neck DSCN1872up and down, whistling, thrusting their head straight up to the heavens, shaking their head left to right, lifting one wing and tucking the beak behind it, and also rapidly clapping the beak. They do this because it is a ritual. It is what works, allowing the species to continue to reproduce. The Black-Footed Albatross have their own distinct dance, and they do it for the same exact reason: it works. Same but different.


Death and Renewal Pt I: The Mo’o of Solstice

Hōlanikū - A Return to Pō

P1060687Fieldwork truly satisfies the whole spectrum of emotions; from the greatest failures to its wildest successes. The progress is slow and often the impact of our work is not seen within a single season. Only those who venture back reap the reward of change on Kure.
For me, it has been two years since I first came out, a year and a half since I left.

Rivaling Arrivals Part II

Hōlanikū - A Return to Pō

IMG_5657E hihi ka hele i ka uka o Puna
Mai ʻako i ka pua
O lilo i ke ala o ka hewahewa
Ua hūnā ʻia ke kino i ka pōhaku
ʻO ka pua naʻe ke chu new i ke alanui
Alanui hele o ka unu kupukupu
[NBE: 31]

The path toward the spring of profound life is known but to a few Donʻt pluck any bloom while on this path
Or you will relinquish your focus to the indulgence of the moment For the true forms are secreted in the stones,
Where the profusion of flowers distorts
The path pointing to the sacrificial altar where life will feed the ferns Sacrificed!
[Taupōuri Tangarō]

Rivaling Arrivals Part I

Hōlanikū - A Return to Pō

She smiles at me with a big grin and gives me that hug she says she doesn’t like giving. I squeeze her through her life jacket and mutter a “see ya later” into her ear, letting her go quick-like so she can get on hugging everyone else goodbye. I don’t know how to express my affection towards her except to sneak a Sea Purse bean into her Pelican case as it sits in her packed-up bunk room before her departure with a note that just reads ‘For the Memories’.