Curiosity: an Antidote to Fear.

Blog, Ecopsychology Project

A curious Laysan Albatross chick reaches out to explore the extended hand of a human. A moment of interconnection.

Children learn, and grow, through their curious nature. Curiosity can only exist through the establishment of a safe, yet uncontrolled environment, where the child is able to freely explore their world.
Curiosity allows us to connect, not only with nature but also with our own self.
Interspecies connection is a concept already inherent within children. A child senses a kindred connection with a wild animal upon discovery of such creatures and is only taught later by a culture that they are separate from nature. Intersubjectivity, the idea of relatedness, is swept away from us, and replaced with a sense of entitlement to this world beyond all other creatures, and sadly it is founded upon a sense of fear.
The solution to Reestablishing such a psychological connection with the other creatures we share this world with is found within the same means that a child forms those connections on their own: Curiosity. Play. Safety.

Photo by Matt Chauvin. Follow him: @mattgeophotography

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