About Me

My Name is Jon-Erik.

I have been living on Hawaiʻi Island since 2013. I am an avid runner, and an avid environmentalist. Running is a relationship and a practice I have been nurturing since I was eight years old when my father noticed how difficult it was for me to stay still. I have been running as a means to explore this world, which has brought me into many beautiful environments – far, tall, and wide.

As an environmentalist, I have been working as a biotechnician for Kure Atoll Conservancy in the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, a remote island wildlife sanctuary home to millions of nesting seabirds as well as the endangered Hawaiian Monk Seas and Laysan Duck. It is also a pristine marine reef system supporting some of the highest density of endemic marine creatures in the world.

Join me as I navigate today’s world through the steady, unrelenting mind of a runner.