We are all runners.

I figure I should start with a bold statement. A foolish statement. A statement that the majority of people reading this would read, scoff at, and venture no further into such arrogance.  Perhaps this statement serves as a kind of sign at the head of a trail: WARNING. This trail has no destination.

I do not wish to waste your mind’s Interest Filtration Process lamenting on the potential wasted time you spent navigating the trails of this blog, only to find that it is leading you no where except back to the safety of your ordered world-view.

Instead, I hope to sweep you into a rhythmic stride along a path of the unknown on which you will certainly meet your soul breathing and expanding and laughing with sorrowful joy. It is my wish, that when I say this blog is about how we are all runners, you will depart from the walls of certainty that keeps your soul buried in lifeless sediment, and fledge into the flight of the runner.

For if it was not for your ancestor’s who did this very thing, Your life would not be.

My name is Jon-Erik. I am a runner. I have been running since I was a young child, but the older I get, the longer I run, the further I explore, the more I realize just how ancient I am. These are a collection of stories, written by me, to show the world that you and I are so much more than what we are told. Because you are only that which you tell yourself. To run is to find out just exactly who you are, beyond just you…

WARNING. This trail has no destination.