A Brief Encounter

In the Olympic National Forest, I awoke at dawn before my campmates to sneak in a run along the Hoh River. Cool air lay heavy and damp and thick upon the forest. The light was dim, but growing with every passing minute. I was minding my own breath with each stride on the soft trail […]

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Moonlit Nights

  Stop to consider what you are doing. Fall silent and listen. Have a seat and question. To you, yourself will be revealed. You will find yourself in the pool you glance upon as you silence the ripples of noise that dance across your surface. You may gaze at your reflection and see into your heart […]

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The Pack and the Past

  I’ve been tying to grapple with the changes that have occurred all through my life while simultaneously trying to catch up with all the changes that occurred during the billions of years that came before me. It’s a dizzying experience. Some say knowledge is not discovered. It is remembered. Did someone discover that? Or […]

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In between worlds and thoughts – Modern Guilt of a Environmental Conservationist

Sunday, August 19th It was Wednesday evening and Old Matt was making dinner while we were hanging out at the picnic table outside the main house, enjoying the breeze and sights of ducklings running around. Nimz, the NOAA seal worker, and Naomi, our Kure manager, were sharing a conversation while I strummed on the guitar […]

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The Rest of the Weary

The sun is already shining brightly in the sky as I walk the path to the main house, passing by the White Terns and Brown Noddys nesting on corners of the concrete buildings. I’m heading to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, but as I look around I notice something is different this […]

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Fledgling Season

Mai ka Pō Mai ka ʻōiaiʻo Truth comes from Darkness. Truth is revealed by the Gods. (Pukui 1983: 225, Ōlelo NoʻEau – Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings) No one can see beyond a choice they do not understand. To understand is to choose to go beyond where one can see. Week 16 Every time I […]

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