Hōlanikū – A Return to Pō

[Disclaimer: not everything I write in this blog may be accurate to the places and the cultures depicted. This blog is not a resource for you to learn this information. This is only a narrative report of my personal experiences. I will do my best to accurately represent this information, however this can even be […]

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Seeking Truth

View this post on Instagram Often times in life, it is our own self that gets in the way of our own growth, especially when we are determined to grow on our own. Some times, we must seek help from others; be it nature, friend, or professional, to unwind the coil of self-deceit. No matter […]

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Within a Single Cigarette

My body was feeling uncomfortably tight after sitting on an uncomfortable couch inside an uncomfortable stagnant heat trapped in my house. I stepped outside to enjoy a cigarette and the cool night breeze. An added bonus were the clear starry skies and my friendly black house cat who sat perched on the ledge of the […]

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My brain feels like a boiled egg. I could only sleep in about an hour. The sun has risen, but Hilo remains quiet and asleep. It’s a three day weekend, and the hard workers of the Big Island lay in their beds weighted by the consuming hours of  past labors. My stomach feels messy from […]

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The Mythological Pastry

The days roll over each other like buttery layers of a croissant, congealed into weeks and months, together like flaking goodness of sweet and fat fused just perfectly imperfect by the blazing oven of creation. I sat outside the Laundry Express on one of these particularly buttery days trying to use the space between loads […]

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