Hōlanikū – A Return to Pō

[Disclaimer: not everything I write in this blog may be accurate to the places and the cultures depicted. This blog is not a resource for you to learn this information. This is only a narrative report of my personal experiences. I will do my best to accurately represent this information, however this can even be […]

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The Unconscious

View this post on Instagram The Unconscious: "Is all those parts of experience that remained inchoate and unarticulated, parts for which we never developed a full voice, for want of that receptive intersubjective field that is requisite, for the full development of the self. It is experience that is felt but cannot be shared, represented, […]

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We Are Our Felt Experiencing

View this post on Instagram Phenomenology "We are our felt experiencing.” ~ Gendlin Ecopsychology primarily deals in the realm of that osmotic membrane; the contact between the inner and the outer; The cycle in which exchange takes place. It is where dualism dissolves. It is the realm of experience in which we relax our boundaries […]

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The Bodily Ground of Experience

View this post on Instagram The Bodily Ground of Experience: "only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist… they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams." ~ John (Fire) Lame Deer How do we come to extract meaning from our world? This […]

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A Path Towards Recovery

View this post on Instagram "To recover a sense of unity with all of life is to also recover from the trauma of having been so utterly divorced from it." ~ Andy Fisher, author of Radical Ecopsychology. – – We are born into this world and are told a story by our giving culture what […]

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The Hero Awaits

View this post on Instagram Ecopsychology asks us to inquire into the realm of the unknown; as the Hero steps through into a world of uncertainty, danger, and risk. It asks of us to become whole by recognizing what we've lost, finding it, and returning. The Hero awaits. #radicalecopsychology #mythology #psyche #nature #jameshillman #carljung #freud […]

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