The Totality of The Human Experience

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"In order to understand ourselves and heal ourselves in this age of abstract horror, we must regain the sense of the totality and the immediacy of human experience." ~ Stanley Diamond – Returning to experience is to awaken the senses. To be sensitive. In a world wrought with violence, we have dulled our senses as to distance and disconnect from the suffering of such consequences. Thus, a tree becomes an abstract thing, perceived objectively and separate from us even as we try to view it through a scientific, biological lens. To be sensitive is to find truth in your own experience. Find your senses, all the joy and sorrow, and feel the enrapture of the Cedar as she welcomes you back into her warm embrace. – #westernredcedar #wetooarenature #ecopsychology #sensitive #healingtrauma #stanelydiamond #phenomenology #experience #feminint #restore

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